1. Private room.
  2. Lockers.
  3. 10% discount on food, drinks, products, and classes at WORK Saigon. (Also applies at WORK Cafe in Bitexco)
  4. A boss card, which lets you collect points to redeem for free food and drinks at WORK Saigon. (At WORK Cafe, it's an immediate extra 10% off.)
  5. Invites to all non-private WORK events.
  6. And all the other things everyone gets like fiber optic Internet access, the swimming pool, quiet atmosphere next to great food and coffee, and the support of a community of creative workers. 


  1. Use the venue in a legal manner.
  2. Use resources and facilities in a responsible manner.
  3. Working hours: 9AM - 9PM Weekdays, 9am - 7PM Weekends.
  4. May invite guests upstairs, who are not entitled to discounts and may be requested to relocate. Don't abuse this.
  5. Responsible for personal belonging.
  6. May not store excess amount of personal/professional items in or around the designated workspace.
  7. No torrenting or downloading large files. Please do this at home.
  8. Understand that a coworking space requires some compromises. We're a community, not an office.
  9. Pay cafe bills and resident rent on time.


8.000.000 for a room that fits up to 8 people.
10.000.000 for a room that fits up to 10 people.


Registration is currently closed because we are fully booked!

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