Do I get a diploma?

No. But you get a portfolio. And it's the only thing that will get you a job in this industry.

What is a portfolio?

A portfolio is a collection of work that shows your ability. In advertising, your portfolio are print ads, television commercials, social media campaigns, radio scripts, and other advertising work that you have done. In this program, you will be building a portfolio that will land you a job, or a better job. 

One class, or all three?

To build a solid portfolio, you need all 3 classes. (Nobody becomes a Copywriter or Art Director after one class.) If you already have experience and just want to learn more about creativity and advertising, feel free to jump in the middle.

Is 6 weeks each class enough?

If you work hard, 6 weeks is enough. If you don't, 6 months is not.

6.000.000VND, WTF?

We have a couple of ways to help students. First, you can pay 50% at the beginning of each class, and then the other 50% half way through. Second, students continuing from the previous class gets 1.000.000VND discount each time.

Can my company sponsor the class?

Ask your company, they may be willing to send you here to train. They'll even get a discount. Send this proposal to your boss or HR department.

Why study at WORK Saigon?

Environment is everything. We have a cafe, a swimming pool, bean bags, and a community of creative workers for you to bounce ideas off of (see our Coworking Space section). Our space is also frequent by creative professionals, making it an ideal place to network. And don't even get us started on our award-winning instructors.

Smaller classes (usually from 6-8 students). Here, teachers remember your name, and students work their ass off together. Less talking. Less sitting. Less sleeping.

What have our students done?

Our students have interned at Lowe, BBDO, TBWA, Phibious, and JWT within weeks of studying here. Not saying we deserve all the credit. But we deserve a bit. Below are some work that our students have done. Not just your average print ad.

Photo credit: AiiM

Photo credit: AiiM

Where are they now?

Are the classes in English or Vietnamese? 

In English. And English is required because you will not succeed in this industry without it.

What do I need to study here?

An open mind and hard work. Also, English and Design skills (if you plan to become an Art Director).

Who can/should enroll?

This program is perfect for the college/graduate student who's looking to get into advertising or the junior creative at an agency who wants to get to the next level.

Still got questions?

Call 093 261 19 99 or email for a free consultation or tour of the school. English & Vietnamese okay.


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